Who We Are

Established since 2010, Monopole aims to be Singapore’s leading and most trusted wine distributor. With our wealth of knowledge and access to reputed wine producers, we are at the forefront of providing a comprehensive and reliable portfolio of wine selections from around the world to Singapore’s local food & beverage industry. We strive to combine best business practices and creative marketing approach, to benefit our partners and customers in the long run. More importantly, we are committed to providing wines of the highest possible quality, the best value and service to every customer. It is with this assurance, our customers can then focus on their business; and experience better results with our service.

Our Commitment

Monopole is established with a focus on sales through on-premise customers and this will remain as the company’s core competency. With more than 500 on premise customers from the best hotels and restaurants in Singapore to cafes, bistros and local pubs, our service is defined by the quality of our people and the quality of our wines. We worked closely with family-owned wineries that we respect and believe in, to offer the best value and quality.


What does Monopole really mean?

mon·o·pole – noun

In wine terminology, a  monopole (literally “monopoly” in French) is an appellation controlled by a single winery. Frequently, this is mentioned on the wine label, as it is rare for only one winery to produce all the wine from an entire appellation.

In physics, a magnetic monopole is a hypothetical particle that is a magnet with only one pole. Modern interest in the concept stems from particle theories, notably the grand unification  theory and superstring theories, which predict their existence.

We like to think Monopole means:
A Unification of Great Wines