Another Week, Another Masterclass!

So an exciting part about my work here at Monopole is that I get to help out, tag along to events and meet  the different winemakers or brand rep when they are in town. So this week, we had the ever-so-handsome Jorge from the Symington Family Estate, in Singapore to conduct a wine masterclass at SIA Training Centre to a bunch of very good-looking ladies and gents (#SQpride!). The session was very well-received with a full-house of 30 pax showing up! He showed 5 different wines; two red wines of the P+S range and three different Graham’s Port range.

I wasn’t lying when I said he was good looking!

Jorge with the SIA crew!

So, I’ve heard of Port wines before but I’ve never really knew what it was so I’ve always just brush it off thinking it’s just another type of wine.

But oh guys, how wrong was I about it being “just another type of wine”.

Port wines tastes like little drops of raisins/plum in liquid form. You take little sips of it and just wait for that sweetness and concentration to.. Explode. Yes, explode should be the right word. Oh how I absolutely loved it.

I cannot describe how good it taste but you need to give it a try. The taste lingers on after and at first you might be like “oh this is too sweet” and yes, I get that too but after that, you’ll start craving for it. You’ll reach out for that glass and say “Hmm maybe I’ll take another sip.” I swear that was my thought process throughout the tasting.

So this delicious bottle of goodness is from Portugal. The bottle is very sexy looking and gives that fancy, sitting-by-the-fire kind of look. It’s sleek looking and could be very instagrammable. Here is me trying to make it insta-worthy.

Someone teach me how to make this #instaworthy

And I know- it bugged me that my shoes aren’t align.. I’ll try again next time!

Y’know what’s interesting? It’s called Six Grapes because in ancient times (well, really long ago), it’s a rating system for the winemakers to indicate the quality of the wine in the barrels (1- lowest, 6- highest) so that the staff doesn’t drink from the ‘6 grapes ratings’ (good wines) barrels! So think of this as your star ratings like hotels ★★★★★

Up close look of the bottle!

Hit me up at @monopolesg on Instagram if you would like to find out which trades are selling this by the glass so you can try it yourself! But if you have tried Port before and didn’t like it, hit me up anyway and we can argue about it (haha)

Well, Singapore has been pretty wet and cold lately but upside is, it’s the perfect weather for a glass (or two!) of port at night *wink*

Stay safe and have a great weekend guys!

Till next time,

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