WINETALK: Tim Herrmann (Yalumba)

There’s this boy called Tim. Like every other kid at some point in their life, he was unsure of what he wanted to do. But luckily enough, he managed to get a job at this family-run winery in his hometown. They believed him and supported him. Surprised, grateful and excited, he worked hard and 20 years later, he is still working with them. This family-run business went on to greater things, with very loyal and supportive employees and only just recently, they have been voted one of ‘The World’s Most Admired Wineries In The World’ coming in 4th place.

This is a testament of when a company is doing all the right thing. They foster the right environment and culture – have shared goals and values, build long-term relationship with it’s employees where they aren’t just a means to an end but are valued and appreciated.

I personally think it takes a lot for a company to be this way, and even more for an employee to feel the same way back.

Once you start working with them, you don’t leave. This is a truest testament to the unique culture of the business and the family

This is Yalumba, ladies and gents.

Tim Herrmann from Negociants International (export arm of Yalumba) was in town last week. Born and bred in Barossa, he started off working in the vineyards at Yalumba in his early twenties.

It was tough getting into Yalumba because of their low staff turnover. No ones leaves and you’re there for life!” said Tim.

Haha… but I’m starting to understand why. Their goal is about what they can do, to better themselves. It is what shapes Yalumba to be what it is today. This mantra has influence everyone in the company and even to the people they work with.

A good example is Yalumba’s Y-series which was created with the objective that wines can be fun and enjoyable. Each bottle represents a story that is close to their heart. These are all part of the history but they are also the future. It is about connecting people to their wines.

How do they do it? They leave things in the hand of Mother’s Nature and let it takes it’s course. Tim said that’s what makes it fun and challenging. So then I asked, what if Mother’s Nature wasn’t that nice to you that year? Well, then they will have to sacrifice quantity to ensure quality.

You’re always learning. You never stop learning. Every vintage is different.

Well, I am glad I went home that night knowing Monopole are representing brands like Yalumba. Tim is an incredible guy and he has so much passion and pride for who he represents and what he does.

We ended our night with promises that we’ll have chilli crab the next time he’s back in town. Thank you Tim for all your time!

Till next time!

Valentine’s 2018 Giveaway x Hugel

Don’t need no one else as long as you have the perfect ‘Gentil-man’ this Valentine’s 😉 Gather your girlfriends (or boyfriends!) for some #netflixandwine and have the ultimate night-in!
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WINETALK: Marc Andre Hugel (Famille Hugel)

Guys. It is February. How did this even happen? I remember I was sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar in Melbourne just several months ago. What has this #adulting done to me?

So anyway if you have been following us on Instagram, you should have noticed that Marc-Andre from Famille Hugel or Marko (he said I can call him that- we’re best buds now) flew to Singapore last weekend! I’ve been researching and writing up on his marketing collaterals since a couple of weeks ago, so to be honest I was pretty excited when he was finally here!

It’s such a different story when you actually get to meet the winemaker himself. I even got to hang out with him over some cocktails and beers!

Story time!

Famille Hugel was founded in 1639, in this little town of Riquewihr in Alsace. They are a 100% family business and have been running the show generation after generation. Marc-Andre (Marko) and his cousin, Jean-Frederic represent the 13th generation of Hugel winemaking.

Ok, so I’m just going to jump into the star of my blog post; Hugel Gewurztraminer Grossi Laue 2010. GUYS. THIS. IS. GREAT.

I’m never really much of a white wine person; the only white I’ve enjoyed was the countless bottles of Moscato I’ve drank with my housemates during my years in Melbourne!

This was different. It doesn’t have that strong acidity you get in normal whites but it is still crisp, light, balanced and on top of that.. my absolute favourite; you get that beautiful flowery scent and because it has a hint of sweetness to it as well, it goes so so well together. I had a sip and turned to my colleague, Shiya and we nodded our heads in agreement (haha!)

This is the type of wine that would be perfect for weddings. It’s just such an elegant wine. So precious, sweet and drinking naturally just puts a smile on your face. I really think you’ll agree with me too.

So I spoke to Marko more about his family, the brand and basically had a wine 101 and what I’ve learnt is that, Famille Hugel is more than just a brand. It is generations upon generations of hard work, pushing through boundaries, trials and errors and sacrifices.

“Always keep the faith” Marko says. “If you lose your faith and hope, you’ll lose your soul and you cannot keep going then”

And I couldn’t agree more.

I threw one last question to Marko. I asked, “So, what’s next?” and his reply was,

“To keep the energy and spirit of the wine so I can continue the legacy of the family.”

Ahh Marko.

I’m personally excited to see what’s next for Famille Hugel and definitely have so much more to get around to!

Marko: Lets say ‘Rieslings!’

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Til later,