#adulting; Every mistake teaches you something

As the week winds down, I’m reflecting on what a roller coaster it has been for me. Work has unknowingly piled up and feels like it never ends. Is this what #adulting feels like? Also, making mistakes at work is never easy; especially if you’re new. But I’ll come back to this later.

So at the start of the week I got to tag along with Desmond, who is our superstar in sales (that’s what I’ve been told!) and I got to see him in action with our trade customers. We went to a couple of places such as Barnacles at Customs House. The view they have there are to-die-for!

I’ve actually never been to this area before but I now understand why this place is such a hotspot at night! The view of the Marina Bay skyline is just amazing. It truly makes me appreciate Singapore’s beauty a lot more. I was too engrossed in how gorgeous the view is I’ve forgotten to take a photo. (Sorry guys!)

Don’t you just love it when you play tourist in your own country? Oh how I’ve missed home.

Next up, we went to Bar-Roque Grill which simply just reminds me of Melbourne. The outdoor seatings overlooking the street, cool-looking decor and the bustling sidewalks. All that is missing are buskers on their guitar serenading to you while you have your lunch.

Our last stop was KPO at Killiney Road. I just love the aesthetics of this place! And they have drink specials running for the whole month of Jan too! Anyone up for some drinks this month? (haha!) It was also Elvis Night when I visited that day; think rockabilly hairstyles and Rock n’ Roll!

So.. back to making mistakes. I think as a fresh graduate, the fear of making a mistake at work is always there, no matter how big or small. You’re not 100% confident of what you’re doing and you’re just on 50-50 in your actions.

I made a mistake at work this week. I did not wait to check with Desmond on the final contents of a menu before I got it printed out. And as you can guess it, there was changes to made so there goes 15x copies of my menus into the bin.

Not the worst thing that could have happened but of course I was wasting paper, time and resources and this could have all been easily avoided. & I should have also known better too. But you learn, and you become more careful next time. So I think I’m pretty lucky to have understanding bosses and a good working/learning environment which I’m thankful for.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is; Confidence in yourself and your work should be the key but sometimes you just need to take a step back, breathe, focus and think.

Phew- what a long week!

Stay safe this weekend guys.

Till next time,

Another Week, Another Masterclass!

So an exciting part about my work here at Monopole is that I get to help out, tag along to events and meet  the different winemakers or brand rep when they are in town. So this week, we had the ever-so-handsome Jorge from the Symington Family Estate, in Singapore to conduct a wine masterclass at SIA Training Centre to a bunch of very good-looking ladies and gents (#SQpride!). The session was very well-received with a full-house of 30 pax showing up! He showed 5 different wines; two red wines of the P+S range and three different Graham’s Port range.

I wasn’t lying when I said he was good looking!

Jorge with the SIA crew!

So, I’ve heard of Port wines before but I’ve never really knew what it was so I’ve always just brush it off thinking it’s just another type of wine.

But oh guys, how wrong was I about it being “just another type of wine”.

Port wines tastes like little drops of raisins/plum in liquid form. You take little sips of it and just wait for that sweetness and concentration to.. Explode. Yes, explode should be the right word. Oh how I absolutely loved it.

I cannot describe how good it taste but you need to give it a try. The taste lingers on after and at first you might be like “oh this is too sweet” and yes, I get that too but after that, you’ll start craving for it. You’ll reach out for that glass and say “Hmm maybe I’ll take another sip.” I swear that was my thought process throughout the tasting.

So this delicious bottle of goodness is from Portugal. The bottle is very sexy looking and gives that fancy, sitting-by-the-fire kind of look. It’s sleek looking and could be very instagrammable. Here is me trying to make it insta-worthy.

Someone teach me how to make this #instaworthy

And I know- it bugged me that my shoes aren’t align.. I’ll try again next time!

Y’know what’s interesting? It’s called Six Grapes because in ancient times (well, really long ago), it’s a rating system for the winemakers to indicate the quality of the wine in the barrels (1- lowest, 6- highest) so that the staff doesn’t drink from the ‘6 grapes ratings’ (good wines) barrels! So think of this as your star ratings like hotels ★★★★★

Up close look of the bottle!

Hit me up at @monopolesg on Instagram if you would like to find out which trades are selling this by the glass so you can try it yourself! But if you have tried Port before and didn’t like it, hit me up anyway and we can argue about it (haha)

Well, Singapore has been pretty wet and cold lately but upside is, it’s the perfect weather for a glass (or two!) of port at night *wink*

Stay safe and have a great weekend guys!

Till next time,

Drinking on the first day of work?

So let’s backtracked a little to my first day at work.

Michael (boss): Hey Winnie! It’s your lucky day, you’re off to help out at a wine masterclass this afternoon. Telmo Rodriguez (winemaker) is coming down to give a seminar on his wines. He’s what we call ‘Rioja’s number one Terroirist’.

Me (talking to myself in my head): He’s a what? Terro-ro? And we’re drinking on a Monday?

But of course I was excited to be attending an event, especially on my first day!

Things I’ve learnt from Telmo’s wine masterclass:

  1. Rioja is a wine region in spain, absolutely beautiful!
  2. Indicating the name of the village on the label in which the fruits are grown, is illegal #interestingfact
  3. Telmo produces rare and limited bottles because #qualityoverquantity
  4. It’s all about character and quality starting from the soil on the ground to the individual growers itself #passion
  5. One of his range is called the Lanzaga which points to a village called Lantziego. This is as close as the law (see point 2) allows Telmo to say, “this wine is from here”

So Telmo has a huge range of wine but I was more keen in his Lantziego wines; Altos Lanzaga Tempranillo, Lanzaga Tempranillo and LZ  (partly because it reminds me of my sisters and I; I’ll explain more!)

#1. Altos Lanzaga Tempranillo; it is a hand-made, in a single vineyard wine (which focused on holistic and ethical approach to viticulture; Biodynamic farming!) Similar to the rest but with more character!

Being the ‘older sister’ in the series, you can expect a super intense flavour profile; rich, warm, smoky tobacco, red fruit flavours! As you sip on it, you’ll definitely began to understand that this isn’t just like any other wine. It is different; you can’t put your finger on it, but you know it’s a good wine.

So my oldest sister is just like Altos- strong, independent, intense (at times!) but she is like an excellent wine, has her own character and that’s what make her unique. But I’ve always said that I’m the nicer version of her. Haha!

#2. Lanzaga Tempranillo; this is the gentle-oaked big sister to LZ. It is handled separately, a very natural wine of the earth, the backbone of the whole Lanzaga series and it’s a true sense of what Rioja is all about.

I thought this tasted just slightly different to Altos. But a much milder taste as compared to and it leaves an excellent aftertaste which I really like! It’s such a lovely wine, I can tell why it’s the star of Telmo’s range!

So, this is just like my 2nd sister- similar to our oldest (like Altos!) but milder and she’s the go-to for anything. But, I’ll probably debate about if she’s the ‘star’ of the family though! (haha)

And lastly, #3, LZ Tempranillo; this is the youngest and most accessible wine in the line up, it is a fresh and straightforward wine and is an authentic expression of it’s harvest.

After tasting Altos, and Lanzaga, this definitely tasted much milder but yet still rich and smooth, a bit spicy after-kick and I could smell the smoky aromas waft from the glass!

And so I guess this leaves myself as LZ since I’m the youngest! I’d say I’m pretty easy-going and you’ll love to have me around just like this wine! (or at least I hope so!)

All in all, the whole Lanzaga range is excellent. It’s similar yet so different in each of his own ways and when you understand the story behind each of the wines, you’ll start to appreciate the taste even more.

So I guess that’s how my first day at work went! Overwhelming would be an understatement but I am excited to see what’s to come next.

Till later,

P.S. just in case you don’t know what ‘terroirist’ means either, it refers to a person who believes that the environmental conditions where the grapes are grown (specifically the soil and climate), gives a wine its unique flavor and aroma!

P.P.S. That’s me, Jennie (2nd), Connie (1st) and Bobby! (You might have seen him on our Instagram but if you haven, go show him some love there!