Welcome to Monopole!

Happy 2018 everyone!

We’re steering towards something different this year and we just want to say a huge thank you to all of our traders, producers and everyone who have supported us throughout the years!

The purpose of this blog is a way for us to show everyone a more intimate side of what Monopole is all about; this includes it’s people, the behind-the-scenes, our values and of course, our wines.

A bit more information about myself; my name is Winnie, 23, marketing grad and now part of the Monopole family as a Marketing Executive. Stepping into Monopole, or the wine industry in general itself was very exciting, I definitely wasn’t expecting to land a job like this (but that will a post for another day!)

The wine industry has always been perceived as an ‘exclusive club’ where you get your connoisseur; or what we call them, the ‘atas’ people. But of course, the younger crowd is catching up and they want to learn more about what they are drinking, and what those fancy words on the wine list at restaurants and bars actually mean!

And I hear you, that’s literally me too. And especially being in the industry now, I need to get knowledgeable, fast.

So think about this blog as your go-to for wine education, advice, recommendations, all in layman terms written by myself, so both you and I can actually understand it! And trust me, we’re all on the same page.

Stay with me and read all about my journey at Monopole, the wine industry and everything else in-between! I promise you it’ll be interesting.

Till later!