Heggies Vineyard

The Heggies Vineyard was owned by local grazier and bushman, Colin Heggie, before being purchased by Wyndham Hill Smith, then Manager of the Yalumba Wine Company. Friends since school days, Colin and Wyndham’s friendship continued into adulthood and throughout their lengthy negotiation over the purchase of Heggie’s land – a negotiation that was not a lot more than an excuse for relaxed chats about land, cattle, horses, wine and life! Planting began in 1971 on the North Eastern corner of the property and the first wine was released in 1979. It was the first wine to bear the idiosyncratic label that features a drawing of Colin Heggie, the bushman, looking out over the fledgling Heggies plantings astride his faithful chestnut, Jack.

Website: www.heggiesvineyard.com